What To Pack For Kids Summer Camp – 10 Must-Haves [Video Transcript]

Ontario is known for having some of the best summer camps in the country. We put together two posts last week. One was for the best summer camps for boys in Ontario and another for the best summer camps for girls. People all over the world, internationally, the US, and Canada send their children to these camps and have been for over 100 years. The facilities are wonderful.


During my research, I also looked into some of the best gear for children and found that there are a couple of brands that definitely do better than others. I’ve rounded up 10 of the best products for children who are going away for sleep away camp, and I just wanted to show you first-hand. If you are sending your kids away this summer, you might want to take a look at some of these products.


The number one must have for all campers, labels. Mabel’s labels are our favorite for back-to-school as well as for camp. Their ultimate back-to-school combo is perfect for summer camps Ontario and includes the two tags that you can put on your luggage or your backpacks. You also have an entire page here of the skinny mini labels, an entire page of shoe labels, and then the tag mates, which are great for clothing.


For water-safe shoes, Pediped’s Adventure line is my favorite. These are the Amazon shoes for girls. They have a protective toe area here, and the entire shoe is made from eco-friendly materials as well as all-natural rubber out soles. Now they’re very, very flexible as you can see. They have Velcro closures, so your kids can put them on and off by themselves if they’re really young. They’re also water safe and machine washable, so these are really, really fantastic. They also come in all sorts of other bright colors. This one here is tangerine and fuchsia, and there is also my other favorite is the berry.


When it comes to running shoes, I love Land’s End. Their girl’s Trekker Oxfords are really great for little adventurers. They’re made from an antimicrobial fabric that helps to prevent odors. It’s got built-in protection for odors. Here, as you can see, there’s no ties, so it’s just like an elastic bungee closure when you put your foot in, which is really nice. They don’t have to fiddle with laces. They also have a slip resistant out sole, which is made from rubber. Really good grip there, and the exterior is made from suede and a breathable mesh. The equivalent to this for boys would the boy’s Trekker.


A personal flotation device is another must have, and it’s good if your kids have their own. Now this one is made by Stearn, and it’s really, really well made, and it’s not very expensive. I think this cost us $15 for this one. It comes in different sizes for toddlers as well as for youth.


Something that you’ll want to attach to your personal flotation device is a whistle, a whistle with a lanyard. This is just a safety precaution and a good thing for your child to have. It’s made by Attwood, so this is one that you should definitely look into as it’s specifically made to have a really shrill whistle.


Of course, camp wouldn’t be camp without a sleeping bag. This is Slumberjack’s go and grow, which is a great choice for growing children. It essentially grows with your child. As you can see here in the diagram, it starts off small, and as they grow, you can unzip this panel here, which I will just show you in a little bit. This is the bag all zipped up in its smallest size. This is before you essentially grow it. As you can see, there is a hood and a drawstring closure for your child if they decide to pull it tighter. Zips up just like a regular sleeping bag here on the side, and if you want to extend the length, there is a zippered panel here on the bottom that unzips to reveal quite a bit more space. Pretty nifty. There is also a little mesh pocket here on the bottom. Slumberjack’s sleeping bags, these are no cheap sleeping bags. These are really, really, really well-made. Good up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, so these are definitely year round sleeping bags that will last you quite a long time.


Bulky pillows are not usually a very good choice when you’re camping. You don’t want to lug them all around. They take up a lot of space. Kelty has really, really great camping pillows. As you can see, they fold up very compactly. They have the luxury pillow as well as the standard camp pillow. Here’s the pillows side by side. Can you see the difference? This one’s larger. This is the luxury pillow. It’s definitely got more loft to it. It’s fluffier, it’s filled with goose down as opposed to polyester. This one is firmer though. It is smaller in size, not by much, but it’s definitely got a firmer texture as it’s filled with polyester.


Your child will need something to pack everything in, so is a large, solid, packable duffle by Land’s End. It has a little area here where you can put their name and information. You can use your Mabel’s labels for this. As you can see, it packs into itself like a actual pocket, so it opens, can open it this way. Here it is unfolded. It folds right back into this pocket here, and as you can see, it’s very lightweight. It’s perfect for kids. This comes in all sorts of different colors. The closure is up here on top. You have the carry handles here. If you prefer to carry it shoulder [inaudible 00:05:07] style, it does come with a set of shoulder straps, which just click on into the side here.


Last two picks. Pocket flashlight, these are great, very inexpensive. They’ll run you between $1.99 and $3.99. You can get them on Amazon as well as in your local store, and After Bite, this stuff will relieve any kind of bug bite.



For any additional questions or concerns regarding packing for summer camp, please contact:
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