Water Damage Prevention: 5 Signs You Have a Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is more than just a nuisance since it can quickly add up to overflowing fixtures that cause rot and mold. Even with the best of care, soap scum, hair and food particles can build up in drains and cause them to stop running freely. Fortunately, most drainage problems begin slowly, which means you can have a plumber fix the issue before it becomes a serious threat to a property by responding quickly to the following signs.


Pooling Water in the Shower
There is nothing worse than realizing that your shower is turning into a bathtub. In a functioning shower, the water should go down just as quickly as it runs in. When you notice pooling water, check to see if hair or soap is blocking the top of the drain cover. If anything is visible, then remove it and see if the water moves freely again. If not, then you will need to contact a plumbing service like plumber Toronto that can access the deeper parts of the pipe.


Gurgling Sounds From Appliances
Sometimes, clogs are formed deep within your drainage system. When this occurs, you will hear bubbling or gurgling sounds when your dishwasher or washing machine begins to release the water. This is another issue where a plumber will be necessary since they have special equipment that can access the hard-to-reach pipes that are prone to these types of clogs.


Rotting Food Stench From Kitchen Sinks
In the kitchen area, a clogged sink means that food particles can sit in the curved part of the pipe for a long time and begin to rot. The bacteria caused by the decomposing food will begin to elicit a strong stench. To eliminate the odor, you can run a garbage disposal cleaner or some citrus juice through your system. Then, have the clog removed if the odor remains.


Slow Drainage
The best time to remove a clog is before it causes the water to overflow from your fixtures. Therefore, you will need to schedule maintenance with a plumber the moment you notice that water is taking longer to clear. Often, this will mean that you caught the issue early enough that you can avoid more costly repairs.


Toilet Bubbles When You Run the Sink
People are often surprised to discover how the plumbing is connected in the house, and your fixtures will usually run into the same main drain line and flow out into the sewer system. For this reason, sounds from fixtures that are not being used should always be heeded as a clog warning.


Prevention is the best cure for clogs, and it is important to do your part to avoid them by making sure that only water goes into your pipes. However, making sure to investigate these warning signs will ensure that you prevent water-related emergencies in your home.

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