Steel building home # 1 [Video Transcript]

This is what we have here. This will be the first installment … Actually a test run on YouTube to see if I can get enough hits on it. I have a 40 by 50 metal building that I am converting into a home. It will be a three bedroom, three bathroom home on the river. What we have here at the bottom floor … I’ve been doing construction on it for quite some time. This is part of the garage right here, it’s a two car garage. This is one side and this is the other side of the garage. This part right here could be a workshop. I think I might make it into a kitchenette area back there so I’ll have me a spot downstairs to hang out in.


We’ll move on back here and I’ll show you what kind of construction I’ve got going on. Right there is going to be a second floor which I hadn’t built yet. It’s going to be a bedroom with a walk-in closet, possibly another bathroom, really don’t know yet. This is the hallway, electric box right there, hallway comes down. This is actually the door to go down into the workshop area. Right over here will be another bathroom. Right back here is going to be the washing room area which leads to the back door to the property.


We can go upstairs and I can show you what’s going on up there. We built these stairs, actually the door to go upstairs is out here in the garage. It’ll be right here. There’ll be a wall right here all the way to the top once that bedroom floor gets put in. Let’s go up here, show you what I got. This is the living room area. I had a single wide trailer on the property that I had moved and I had my furniture in there. I just wanted to put it in here and see if it worked and it worked out pretty good. I’ll have the entertainment center on the wall there. That’ll be where I’ll have a door going out to the deck.


I’d say it’s about 85% framed up, completed. I’ve still got a little bit more to frame but not very much. Basically I’m doing this project all by myself so it’s taking me some time. This is the kitchen area which I’ve got my cabinets marked out with tape. This door right here will be the pantry. Pretty big pantry, you know, it’s a big building and I want a lot of space. Hallway goes to the master bedroom. I have a guest bedroom right here which has a bathroom connection to it with a walk-in closet. That’s the walk-in closet. This is the bathroom area here. It’s hard to see with all this construction going on without sheet rock on the walls or anything like that. That right there would be my cabinet for the bathroom.


We’ll go down the hallway to the master bedroom. This is a pretty big bedroom. I don’t know quite the dimensions of it, but I’ll have vaulted ceilings in it and I’ll have a door, big door right there. I want to put a garage door to keep the industrial look so you can just mash the button and the whole wall will come up and the breeze off the river will come in. I’ve got a doorway to … Actually it’s a foyer to the bathroom, master bathroom and this will be a toilet room and you really can’t see, I don’t have any light shed in here but this is a his and hers sink. That’s the linen closet here. This would be a walk-in shower with a vaulted ceiling. I’ve got my shower seats down already and I’ve got a vaulted ceiling in it. It’s going to look pretty good when it’s finished.


We’ll come out the bathroom, we’ll go into the master bedroom closet, which is a pretty big closet. His and hers. Like I said, the dimensions on this is probably, I don’t know, might be six or seven foot wide. I think it’s probably six foot wide by probably 18 feet. It’s pretty big for a closet. That’s basically what’s in the building and what I’m working on. I’ll carry all these … I’ll ceiling joist all that. I’ll put me another two by six ceiling in it up top to run rafters up top. By the time I’m done I’ll have about 10 inches of insulation in here. Like I said, I’m going to put another garage door right here so you can open it up, a nine foot door but keep the industrial look. I’m in the building, it’s an unconventional home and it’s going to be kind of a unique thing. Once it’s done it’ll be fun.


We’ll run down here. I don’t know how long this take will last, or how long this camera will keep filming, but we’ll come down here. We’ll go to the back and I’ll show you the deck. The deck’s 850 square feet. You’ll have a good view to the river and I’m working on that right now. This is where I had the trailer. I had a trailer right there, so basically got the trailer moved and I’ve been working on this deck. These steps are all connect and it’s going to be all one step here, handrails and pickets. This is the staircase to get to the top. Go to the top here and that’s the section, I had to tear that. This deck was built but I had to tear that section out so I could get the trailer out of here. I’m in the process of rebuilding that section and we’re getting it rebuilt. Basically by the time I get done with it, I’ll have one. If you’re interesting in steel buildings, you should visit


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