Signs of a Good Deli

Most towns or neighborhoods have that one place where everyone goes when they want a sandwich that can’t be duplicated elsewhere. If you are able to create that type of establishment, you will have customers for life. What are some of the characteristics of a deli that people flock to?

Is There a Signature Sandwich?

You can’t call your deli Hamilton popular or even worth going to unless it has a signature sandwich. Whether it’s the triple cheese sandwich that you loved growing up or a new twist on a classic combination of turkey and ham, you need something that you can build your brand around. Creating a signature dish is important because customers will know that there is something on the menu that they can get each time they stop by that they won’t be disappointed by.

The Deli Should Be Open Whenever Traffic Exists

A good deli is open whenever there are a lot of hungry people in the area. If you are in a college town or a downtown location, you should be open from lunchtime to after the bars close at night. As not many delis will stay in operation past the dinner rush or past midnight, you could be the only option hungry people have late at night to satisfy their cravings. That will help to make your deli different from the competition and solidify it as a place for locals and tourists alike to visit.

Customers Should Be Able to See Their Sandwiches Being Made

Making a sandwich is part art and part science. The scientific aspect revolves around how much meat, cheese or other condiments you put on the sandwich as your food costs impact your profits. The artistic aspect comes in how the food is made in front of the customer. In addition to making the process fun, customers know that their food has been prepared properly and in accordance with safety standards.

Can You Buy Your Food to Go?

While it may be nice to stop by the local deli for a sub or sandwich combo, customers may prefer to buy their meat and prepare a sandwich at home. Allowing customers to buy a pound of ham or salami that they can eat whenever they want can boost sales and improve customer service. It also serves as a great way to spread awareness of your brand.

Good food, flexible hours and great customer service are all signs of a great deli. Using a signature sandwich to differentiate yourself from the competition increases the odds that hungry patrons will specifically seek out your location. This ensures that you make enough money to stay in business and perhaps expand your brand outside of the local area.

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