How To Develop A Healthy Dental Habit

Most people do not enjoy visiting the dentist, but there is no arguing that quality dental care is essential to maintaining your health. It can be tempting not to think about your teeth until you are at the dentist’s office, but that will lead to serious long-term damage for your teeth. If you want to maintain your healthy smile, then follow these tips for good dental habits.


Thorough Cleaning

Like most adults, you probably brush your teeth once a day. But is that really enough to maintain proper oral hygiene? The short answer is no. The longer answer is that while it is a good first step, there are several more steps to keeping your mouth clean.

Firstly, you should be brushing your teeth twice a day for three minutes each time. This can sound like a long time, but simply put on one of your favorite songs while you brush and you will barely notice the longer cleaning.

Most dental professionals also recommend flossing once per day, and even after every meal if you can manage it. Food can easily get caught in between teeth where it sits and helps spread bacteria around your mouth. Even if you cannot feel the leftover popcorn between your teeth, it is still a smart idea to floss anyway. Your smile will thank you for it.


Regular Visits

Many Canadian adults reported going years without a dental visit, while others went entire decades without visiting a Oshawa dentist. Even with the best dental habits in the world, that simply is not a way to sustain your oral health. Dental professionals know what they are doing and will help keep your mouth as healthy as possible. But they can only do that if you visit them.

Everyone should visit the dentist at least once per year, but six months is an even better idea. Most people simply do not have the equipment to give their teeth a thorough, deep cleaning like a dental hygienist can. As a bonus, if you keep up with regular visits and good cleaning habits, you are much more likely to have a pleasant visit with your dental professional.



Everybody wants a bright smile, but many people fail to take the steps to maintain good oral health. Stop the cycle of painful visits with your dental hygienist and take your oral care into your own hands. Your teeth will be far healthier and you will never have to worry about a yellow smile ever again.

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